Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge Service Fees?

No, we do not charge service fees for currency exchange.

What are the methods of payment?

We accept both Cash and Debit Card. In fact, We encourage customer pay with DEBIT CARD. It is more convenient, easier and safer than paying with cash. For large amount, you can always call your bank to request increasing your daily limit for one time use..

We do not accept Credit Card payment.

Do you take foreign coins?

No, we do not take any foreign coins. We recommend you to spend all of the coins during your trip before coming back to Canada.

I have some old banknotes, can I exchange them with you?

We only take the ones that are in circulation. If you are not sure whether they are in circulation, we recommend you to look them up online.

Do I need to provide identification when I conduct an exchange with Happy Currency?

If the transaction results over 2,800 CAD, a piece of government issued photo identification is required.

Why are your rates different than what I see on the Internet or the Newspaper?

The rates you see on newspapers or the internet are the inter-bank market rates (spot rates). They are the rates that are set when banks trade currencies among themselves; they are not retail prices. All foreign currency exchanges set their own pricing based on the market rate, and the retail rates can differ greatly among different institutions. Our rates are always better than your bank.