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Happy Currency Exchange Inc. provides over 100 different foreign currencies cash with no service fee, and worldwide money transfer only $25*. We offer competitive rate, and if you find a better rate from other local major foreign exchange company, we will try our best to match it for you. Please visit one of our branches in Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond.

The right side rates are for indication purposes only, for most recent updated rates, please call 604-438-6888. Rates updated at 09:10 AM PST 05-25-2015.   (*$25 wire fee only apply when you exchange currency with us).

We Buy We Sell
USD 1.2190 1.2410
EUR 1.3350 1.3750
GBP 1.8750 1.9280
JPY 0.00987 0.01037
CNY 0.1873 0.2065
AUD 0.9350 0.9900